Sunday, November 2, 2008

i remember halloween

i can't seem to form complete thoughts right now, but this weekend was great. played a pretty decent set in oakland. saw lot's of friends we don't get to see enough of. in between never healed and sabertooth zombie's sets tim, blaine from skin like iron and i got into a weird/rad/confusing conversation with one of the locals. dude was telling us how he can talk to racoons and snakes, and has four snakes living in his room with him. 2 males, 2 females. he said he loved our band and that we had real communication. said something about keeping it real, and that's what got lennon killed. my mind was a little blown. i love home, there's nothing else like it, but being in the bay area is always a good time. we need to make trips up there more often.
anyways, came back down and played in carlos from rotting out's gargage. pretty decent turn out for a stormy day/evening. pagan showed up late cause evan's rude and doesn't care about anyone but himself. fun sets from all the bands and some real sloppy mosh due to a packed garage and a slippery floor.
i'll stop typing now. i'm sorry this reads like shit. it was great hanging out this weekend. here's some pictures from the show in oakland.

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