Sunday, April 27, 2008

shirts from tour

i'll be putting up left over t-shirts / longsleeves / crewnecks from the tour in the next week or so on this blog, myspace, b9, and various other messageboards across the informational superhighway of interwebs.

keep your ear to the ground.


oh yeah, a couple of pics from tour

thanks to robert scheuerman

who left the heater on??

holy fuck. 100 degrees+ today and it's still only april. ugh.

tapes are still available, but you need to hit up 6131 or rev

i also just found this game and think it's funny/amazing/a little fucked up.


Monday, April 21, 2008

The end is here...

Our east coast invasion with Skin Like Iron has ended, prematurely, in my own opinion. If we all didn't have to get back to work/school I wouldn't have cared if we stayed on tour for another month or two. A big thank you to SLI for being our road buddies (Every Pressure tour should be with them from now on), another gigantic thank you to Brian McBrian Cool III for filling in on drums and being the best dude (Check out his band Sojourner), thank you to our road photographer and sudoku pro Vanessa (xVanx photography), and last but not least to Steve for driving us around and putting up with us for the past week.

The tour consisted of the following dates:
4/12 - Redwood City, Ca
4/14 - Richmond, Va.
4/15 - Doylestown, Pa.
4/16 - Baltimore, Md.
4/17 - New Brunswick, Nj.
4/18 - Brooklyn, Ny.
4/19 - Boston, Ma.
4/20 - Providence, Ri.

All of the shows were more than awesome, even the one we didn't get to play (Sorry Max). Shoutouts to the Banner, Swamp Thing, COA, Heathen, Pellinore, Surroundings, The Mongoloids, The Fire Still Burns, New Lows, Naysayer, Trash Talk, Sabertooth Zombie, Laced Joint, Glue, Mother of Mercy, Slave, Force Fed, Alarmed, Turncoat, Product of Waste, Pitfall, and there might be one or two more but my memory isn't what it used to be... Without those bands, all of our hard giggin' wouldn't have been the same.

Now that all the thanks are out of the way, here is my short recap of tour. I ate some pizza, drank some yuengling, ate at the grease trucks, ate more pizza, drank some more, hungout and played some shows on the way. Pressure should do this more often. I'll let someone else post about this shit now, I'm terrible at blogging.

- Butcher


Kimpossible > All
She rules for booking this tour and making all of this possible.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Joe hates new York but he loses because of the sheer amount of gorgeous broads and the bomb pizza.

re-cap aka read the post below first

You dudes suck at blogging, everyone has teh internetz on their phones but still no updates? Come on. Alright, first of waffle house is the shit and I wish we had them in Cali. Our show in Richmond was fun, thanks to all the dudes in swamp thing for lending us gear and in general just being solid dudes. Heathen killed it, 3 guitars and full stacks is sick. The first few days we stayed in Baltimore at Steven's new house which has been nice since its easy to leave all the bags at one spot. Finding clean places to stay with legit bathrooms is more tricky than it sounds on tour. There's a few dive bars around the corner where we hung out, blasted some sweet jams and shot darts (open challenge to anyone reading this to a game of cricket.) Brian manned up and got a kiss from the haggard old woman running the bar.

The next day was o'doylestown, pa which was hella nice and looked like main street Disneyland. We met up with the sli dudes and they killed it. Josh had technical difficulties and only played like two songs. Apparently we're too heavy for this coast.

Day after that was charm city art space. We hung out at the mall while butcher tried to fix his laptop. Joe and I tried to find an orange julius since that shit doesnt exist anymore in Cali but apparently it was closed or something. Saw the hottest girl in Baltimore working at the abercrombie store and tried to convince the girl at the coffee shop to go to the show, it didnt happen. Charm city art space is sweet, good kids, free pizza and a set without equipment fucking up - score.

That pretty much brings us up to date, eat shit.

-a dude in the band


We're currently driving into nyc, blasting sheer terror and pounding a grip of redbull (thanks jackie.) We're going to kick it in the city for awhile , which means eating as much legit pizza as humanly possible, before heading over to 538 Johnson for the show. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that our gear doesnt crap out again, my mesa dual rec really hates touring. Last nights show was a great time, the banner dudes and jersey kids were awesome and grease trucks are out of this world. Definitely saw some authentic nj guidos as well which was just icing on the cake. On a side note what's with rutgers having an insane ratio of gorgeous girls? The show tonight should be fun, its our first day with coa and we're stoked.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blah Blah Blah Blog

My troubles... this tour I have had to borrow a guitar because is mine is kicking the bucket, had a computer break, had to buy new power/instrument/speaker cables because the east coast can't handle my equipment and my ipod died before we left. I'm missing a week and some odd days of school to tour and I had been planning on getting all my work done, which is why I had my computer in the first place. Since my mac has stopped working all of a sudden, I can't get any school work done or any design projects that I've been working on. So I may or may not be totally fucked school-wise because of this tour. I am currently waiting for the genius bar at the apple store in towson, md. so I can find out if I need a new computer or not. On top of this personal stuff the band as a whole hasn't been having the best of luck either, if you've read the two previous entries you'd know. You know what though, with all this shit going on, I think it's totally worth it. I'm travelling and hanging out with my bestfriends everyday, plus I get to see old friends and make new ones along the way. There's no real point to this entry, just ranting, you may continue with your ever so busy day.

- Butcher

last night in doylestown....

1 blown head
two cab's that don't work
me not playing .

: (

waffle house and yuengling are still the shit. celebrated summer, guitar center, utz crab chips and charm city today/tonight.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

i'm pretty sure none of us have ever done one of these before...

but it's probably a good idea to keep one of these around. you know... to remember interesting events by and other banal minutia like that.

anyways... we're on tour right now and holy shit has it been a fucking weird last 24 hours. here it goes:

saturday (4/12) morning i went with josh to go pick up the rental we were taking to redwood city to play our show with trash talk, sabertooth zombie, skin like iron, downpresser, and trapped under ice. nothing really unusual about that, right? right. well, i get the minivan home and we start loading it up. i guess we didn't really take into account how much shit we were taking and it ended up that we would be 1 seat short. 6 of us were going but only 5 would fit. trapped under ice kindly agreed to take brian, our drummer for this tour, with them in their van. everything seemed cool, on time, under control, etc.

a couple hours into the drive i get a call from brian telling me that they had a blowout, AAA was on their way, and they'd be back on the road shortly. no big deal, shit happens. a couple hours later another call comes in and they've now blown out their spare. FUCK. AAA took them to a 24-hour service center, the tire was replaced, and they were back on the road, hauling ass. at that point, it was already 8:30pm (i think?) and they were still easily 3 hours away. playing the show was already out of the question - the big concern now was making sure that brian caught our flight to philadelphia.

by the time they'd reached the venue and drew from skin like iron was getting ready to speed brian to the oakland airport, it was already too late. brian ended up catching a stand-by flight later that morning, but it was still a toss-up if he could get on the connection from houston to philly.

luck hasn't exactly been on our side the last 24 hours, but i just got a call from brian saying that he's confirmed on the next flight to philly and will be here in a few short hours.

tour can finally begin now.