Friday, April 18, 2008

re-cap aka read the post below first

You dudes suck at blogging, everyone has teh internetz on their phones but still no updates? Come on. Alright, first of waffle house is the shit and I wish we had them in Cali. Our show in Richmond was fun, thanks to all the dudes in swamp thing for lending us gear and in general just being solid dudes. Heathen killed it, 3 guitars and full stacks is sick. The first few days we stayed in Baltimore at Steven's new house which has been nice since its easy to leave all the bags at one spot. Finding clean places to stay with legit bathrooms is more tricky than it sounds on tour. There's a few dive bars around the corner where we hung out, blasted some sweet jams and shot darts (open challenge to anyone reading this to a game of cricket.) Brian manned up and got a kiss from the haggard old woman running the bar.

The next day was o'doylestown, pa which was hella nice and looked like main street Disneyland. We met up with the sli dudes and they killed it. Josh had technical difficulties and only played like two songs. Apparently we're too heavy for this coast.

Day after that was charm city art space. We hung out at the mall while butcher tried to fix his laptop. Joe and I tried to find an orange julius since that shit doesnt exist anymore in Cali but apparently it was closed or something. Saw the hottest girl in Baltimore working at the abercrombie store and tried to convince the girl at the coffee shop to go to the show, it didnt happen. Charm city art space is sweet, good kids, free pizza and a set without equipment fucking up - score.

That pretty much brings us up to date, eat shit.

-a dude in the band

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andyrussian said...

there is an orange julius at the south bay galleria still