Sunday, April 13, 2008

i'm pretty sure none of us have ever done one of these before...

but it's probably a good idea to keep one of these around. you know... to remember interesting events by and other banal minutia like that.

anyways... we're on tour right now and holy shit has it been a fucking weird last 24 hours. here it goes:

saturday (4/12) morning i went with josh to go pick up the rental we were taking to redwood city to play our show with trash talk, sabertooth zombie, skin like iron, downpresser, and trapped under ice. nothing really unusual about that, right? right. well, i get the minivan home and we start loading it up. i guess we didn't really take into account how much shit we were taking and it ended up that we would be 1 seat short. 6 of us were going but only 5 would fit. trapped under ice kindly agreed to take brian, our drummer for this tour, with them in their van. everything seemed cool, on time, under control, etc.

a couple hours into the drive i get a call from brian telling me that they had a blowout, AAA was on their way, and they'd be back on the road shortly. no big deal, shit happens. a couple hours later another call comes in and they've now blown out their spare. FUCK. AAA took them to a 24-hour service center, the tire was replaced, and they were back on the road, hauling ass. at that point, it was already 8:30pm (i think?) and they were still easily 3 hours away. playing the show was already out of the question - the big concern now was making sure that brian caught our flight to philadelphia.

by the time they'd reached the venue and drew from skin like iron was getting ready to speed brian to the oakland airport, it was already too late. brian ended up catching a stand-by flight later that morning, but it was still a toss-up if he could get on the connection from houston to philly.

luck hasn't exactly been on our side the last 24 hours, but i just got a call from brian saying that he's confirmed on the next flight to philly and will be here in a few short hours.

tour can finally begin now.



Max Montez said...

Let the good times roll.

Benjamin. said...

put the pedal to the metal.

Masterpiece said...

have fun out there! Add us to your links.