Monday, April 21, 2008

The end is here...

Our east coast invasion with Skin Like Iron has ended, prematurely, in my own opinion. If we all didn't have to get back to work/school I wouldn't have cared if we stayed on tour for another month or two. A big thank you to SLI for being our road buddies (Every Pressure tour should be with them from now on), another gigantic thank you to Brian McBrian Cool III for filling in on drums and being the best dude (Check out his band Sojourner), thank you to our road photographer and sudoku pro Vanessa (xVanx photography), and last but not least to Steve for driving us around and putting up with us for the past week.

The tour consisted of the following dates:
4/12 - Redwood City, Ca
4/14 - Richmond, Va.
4/15 - Doylestown, Pa.
4/16 - Baltimore, Md.
4/17 - New Brunswick, Nj.
4/18 - Brooklyn, Ny.
4/19 - Boston, Ma.
4/20 - Providence, Ri.

All of the shows were more than awesome, even the one we didn't get to play (Sorry Max). Shoutouts to the Banner, Swamp Thing, COA, Heathen, Pellinore, Surroundings, The Mongoloids, The Fire Still Burns, New Lows, Naysayer, Trash Talk, Sabertooth Zombie, Laced Joint, Glue, Mother of Mercy, Slave, Force Fed, Alarmed, Turncoat, Product of Waste, Pitfall, and there might be one or two more but my memory isn't what it used to be... Without those bands, all of our hard giggin' wouldn't have been the same.

Now that all the thanks are out of the way, here is my short recap of tour. I ate some pizza, drank some yuengling, ate at the grease trucks, ate more pizza, drank some more, hungout and played some shows on the way. Pressure should do this more often. I'll let someone else post about this shit now, I'm terrible at blogging.

- Butcher


Kimpossible > All
She rules for booking this tour and making all of this possible.

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